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A little history with a touch of charm and you've got the Callaway Gardens Country Store®. This old-fashioned store, atop Pine Mountain, is probably Callaway's most popular retail shop. Its "general store" charm coupled with unique food products and home décor items make it a hit with everyone.

The store was one of the original buildings at Callaway Gardens. It was an outlet for the products from Cason Callaway's farms and from fine foods he acquired from his trips to New York. Its location on U. S. Highway 27 assured success in its early years because this was the main route to Florida. Although today most travelers take interstates, the Callaway Gardens Country Store is still as popular as ever. Among the items most sought after are the truly Southern items: Speckled Heart grits and muscadine jams, jellies, preserves, syrups and sauces.


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Callaway Gardens 17800 US Hwy 27 Pine Mountain, GA 31822 Call 706-663-2281 or 800-CALLAWAY
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